Arash Saboori


John Harvey and Alissa Kendall


Sharif University of Technology


Degree Objective:

PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering | MS, Transportation Technology and Policy

Research Interests:

  • Sustainability
  • Policy Analysis
  • Energy Modeling
  • Economics


PhD student with major in sustainability and minor in energy systems and policy analysis.


(1) UCPRC model and LCI for pavement LCA, with special focus on end-of-life phase of pavements

(2) FHWA's project: "Development of a Pavement LCA Framework" with APTech, UIUC, and theRightenvrionment

(3) CARB's project: "LCA and Co-benefits of Cool Pavements" with LBNL and USC

(4) Caltrans' LCA tool for pavement projects: "eLCAP"

(5) FHWA's project: "A Life-Cycle Methodology for Energy Use by In-Place Pavement Recycling Techniques" with UIUC and Rutgers